Additional Degree Titles

Associates Degrees:
Associate in Biblical Studies
Associate in Christian Counseling
Associate in Christian Education
Associate in Christian Ministry
Associate in Church Administration
Associate in Ministry
Associate in Pastoral Ministry
Associate in Practical Ministry
Associate of Theological Studies
Graduate Degrees:
Graduate of Divinity
Graduate of Ministry
Graduate of Theology
Bachelors Degrees:
Bachelor of Church Administration
Bachelor of Christian Counseling
Bachelor of Christian Education
Bachelor of Christian Ministry
Bachelor of Divinity
Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry
Bachelor of Pastoral Counseling
Bachelor of Pastoral Theology
Bachelor of Practical Ministry
Bachelor of Religious Education
Bachelor of Theology
Masters Degrees:
Master of Church Administration
Master of Christian Counseling
Master of Christian Education
Master of Christian Ministry
Master of Divinity
Master of Pastoral Counseling
Master of Practical Ministry
Master of Pastoral Ministry
Master of Pastoral Theology
Master of Religious Education
Master of Theological Studies
Master of Theology
Doctoral Degrees:

Doctor of Christian Counseling
Doctor of Christian Education
Doctor of Divinity
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Missiology
Doctor of Pastoral Education
Doctor of Religious Education
Doctor of Theology
Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Education
Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies

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